The International Exhibition

2004 December - exposition at NPP Rovno (Ukraine) (photo)
2005 September - exposition at NPP Chernobyl (Ukraine) (photo),
TV reportage - ICTV channel (photo)
2006 April - exposition in Paris (hotel "Concord Lafayet") at the international nuclear conference PLIM+PLEX 2006
April - exposition in Slovakia during the General assembly of Slovak Nuclear Society (photo)
May - an article in British magazin Nuclear Engineering International (photo)
June - presentation of the exhibition at NPP Nogent-sur-Seine (France) (photo)
2007 April - exposition at NPP Bohunice (Slovakia)
May - exposition in Prague during the General assembly of Chezh Nuclear Society
2008 May - exposition in Moscow at the International scientific-practical conference of RosEnergoAtom (photo)
2009 May - exposition at NPP Kalinin (Russia)
2011 January - exposition at NPP Paks (Hungary) (photo)

The Exhibition consists of 200 humoristic colour and black-white cartoons (computer treatment of original scetches) devoted to nuclear plant operation. Every cartoon is laminated in 216x310 mm format and can be easy attached to any flat surface. For a successful display a room with a wall length from 30 to 65 meters is required to arrange the cartoons in two - four rows.
Two persons can attache the exhibition for a few hours and remove it for two hours.
Language of cartoons - English with captions in Russian and French. Text on any other language can be easy attached to the laminated surface.

The Exhibition can be interesting not only for the personnel of nuclear power plants but also for all specialists of nuclear energy nuclear societies, regulation authorities, public organizations, scientific and design institutes, NPP equipment producers, and also for energy companies and fossil power plants.
The exposition is planned at all the nuclear power plants of the world. The main directions - Russia and CIS, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

After the agreed term, the exhibition should be returned to the address indicated by Author or be delivered to a person indicated by Author for the subsequent exposition at nuclear power plants of other countries.

The price of exhibition is agreed with the author and in any case is affordable for any nuclear power plant.

The workers of the NPP and their families who will visit the Exhibition will have a memory lasting a lifetime for which the NPP paid only a ridiculous sum (in count on one laughing specialist).
Money gained from the exposition are spent for publication of a big nice album of cartoons (issue 1) -

For details of arranging the exhibition contact Author at e-mail (or)
Contacts in Russian, English, and French.

Cartoons (in simplified form, without texts)
List of cartoons

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